Seating Plans FAQ:

Some meals in the hall have seating plans (Superhalls, ERSS, other special events).  The way this works is the halls officer gets the list of people booked in from the meal booking system (the same one you can see by clicking "View") and makes a seating plan.  Then they send it to catering, who make the little name tags you see in the hall.  Catering also use the seating plan to know who is vegetarian or has other dietary requirements/allergies, so it's important to stick to the plan once it's set.  If you have a question not answered below email and ask!  

Q: How do I book in for meals with a seating plan?

A: This way:

  1. You will get an email to the Christ's MCR list to announce the opening of booking for an event.  It will have information about the meal and a deadline for booking in and for making seating plan requests. 
  2. Go to the meal booking system and book in.  Send the halls officer ( any requests you might have for the seating plan.  
  3. Enjoy the event!

Q: I sent a request for a previous dinner and I'd still like to sit with the same people.  Do I have to send another request with the same name(s)?

A: No, old requests are kept and re-used.  If you want to sit with different people you have to send a request for that. 

Q: I have booked in a guest on the meal booking system, do I have to request to sit with them?

A: No, if you booked a guest yourself you will be sat with them.  If you have a guest booked for someone else you have to tell the halls officer who you booked them for.  Please give your guest a name in the booking system or they will get a name tag saying "Guest". 

Q: I bought someone else's ticket after booking closed, can I choose where I'm seated?

A: If you send an email with the name of the person who sold you their ticket and the seating plan deadline hasn't passed then yes.