MCR Re-flooring complete

Dear Christ's MCR,

The MCR is back open with a new floor. Hope you enjoy!

Keep an eye out for details of our freshers' week schedule, to be released sometime next week. It would be great to see plenty of familiar faces, particularly at the Welcome BBQ.



By: The Vice-President
At: 14:00:59 29/08/2014

New MCR Committee

Hello Christ's MCR,

Unless you have been purposefully ignoring your emails you have probably realised that there is a new MCR committee. We're already working hard to on the next termcard! As advertised, there are currently two positions on the committee that need to be filled. See the bulletin for application details. The new committee is as follows:

President: Matt Baron
Treasurer: George Wylde
Secretary: Henry Farmery
Bar Manager: Lukas Wittern
Welfare: Collin VanBuren
Entertainments: You????
External: You????

You may have noticed that the website looks a little baron at the moment. This is because we're tweaking things a little bit to make it easier to update. It will be back to normal soon, meal booking is not affected.

See you soon,


By: The Secretary
At: 14:48:51 26/03/2014