One of the greatest attractions of being at Cambridge is the opportunity to meet bright, creative, and passionate people who can challenge, persuade, and inspire you (of course the beautiful buildings and grounds are a pretty good reason to be here too!) In the complicated Cambridge structure, each student is based at an academic department and is part of a college. While the department might be seen as 'academic' and the college as 'social' by students, the college plays a very important role in your academic life too. Not only does it offer you the chance to meet and engage with students and faculty across a range of disciplines, you could also enrich your academic experience through travel grants and participation in academic events at Christ's. In 2017, Christ's was placed at number two in the Tompkins Table, an annual league table that compares academic performance at all Cambridge Colleges. By joining Christ's, you become a part of a long list of illustrious alumni, which includes the likes of Darwin and Milton (and many more)! For 2018-19, the academic officer is Yasmina El Chami ( 

  • Academic events
    There are wide-ranging academic events taking place throughout the year at Christ's. Specifically meant for graduate students, these provide great opportunities to present your own work as well as learn about the work of other graduates and fellows in the college. They will be advertised once they've been organised through the MCR bulletin and the MCR Facebook page. If you'd like to present your work at one of the following events or would like to recommend a speaker, please email Asiya (
    • The Emerging Research Seminar Series (ERSS) 
      A termly seminar in Christ's College, where two graduate students and one fellow deliver a talk on their research. The ERSS is meant to provide an opportunity for graduate students to find out more about the research conducted by the members of our own college and also for fellows to get to know the student members of the MCR. After the talks a drinks reception and a joint MCR/SCR dinner are held in the Formal Hall. 

    • The Changing Health Seminar Series
      A biannual event that highlights research relevant and pertaining to the field of Physiology and Medicine. At the event an aspect of modern medicine is debated by two students and a fellow.
    • Pre-Grad Hall Talks 
      These are held in a very informal relaxed manner before the weekly grad hall throughout the term. You can use this slot to rehearse a presentation that's coming up, discuss something interesting that you've been reading, or just share your research with other students. We have had talks ranging from the importance of food and eating in the religious change from Catholicism to Protestantism in Elizabethan England to what modern and ancient DNA can tell us about the sex lives of the Neanderthals. We're always looking for speakers for pre-grad hall talks, please do contact Asiya ( if you're interested!
    • Book Club
      The MCR Book Club meets twice per term (usually on the first and last Saturday of every term) to discuss books of world literature, usually short and accessible works of quality (we know how busy everyone is with reading!) The event is addressed at students from all academic backgrounds, regardless of their previous knowledge of literature. Non-Cambridge guests/friends are also welcome. The only requirement to attend is to have previously read the book. There is a relaxed discussion in the MCR that usually last around 2 hours and then all the participants go to have dinner together, subsidised by the MCR!

    • Film Nights:
      Film nights are held in the MCR a few times each term. A member of the MCR gives a talk relevant to a chosen film which gives a new insight into a certain aspect and makes watching the film all the more enjoyable. If there's a film you'd like to watch and present, please feel free to organise a film night yourself!
  • Graduate Tutors 
    Every Christ's College graduate student is appointed a personal tutor, who are committed to the welfare and personal well-being of the graduate student, and are open to being contacted for resolving any concerns regarding academic studies, financial assistance or personal life. Each weekday during Full Term, Tutors are available at regular times in College to see students without appointment during the time known as the 'Open Tutorial' time. At all other times during Full Term, a Duty Tutor is available on call and may be contacted via the Porters' Lodge, either in person or by telephone on +44(0)1223 334900.  
  • Stipends and academic 
    Awards are a key part in the lives of Christ's College graduate students, and are good incentives for them to perform well in academics and extracurricular activities. The list of College awards, grants and prizes is given here