• Graduate Tutors 
    Every Christ's College graduate student is appointed a personal tutor, who are committed to the welfare and personal well-being of the graduate student, and are open to being contacted for resolving any concerns regarding academic studies, financial assistance or personal life. Each weekday during Full Term, Tutors are available at regular times in College to see students without appointment during the time known as the 'Open Tutorial' time. At all other times during Full Term, a Duty Tutor is available on call and may be contacted via the Porters' Lodge, either in person or by telephone on +44(0)1223 334900.  

  • Stipends and academic 
    Awards are a key part in the lives of Christ's College graduate-students, and are good incentives for them to perform well in academics and extracurricular activities. The list of College awards, grants and prizes is given here
  • Events
    The MCR plays an active part in our member's academic lives. Throughout the year we present our work to one another in order to educate and expose our ideas to criticism and fresh perspectives. Here are some of the academic events we hold:
    • The Emerging Research Seminar Series (ERSS) 
      A termly seminar in Christ's College, where two graduate students and one fellow deliver a talk on their research. The ERSS is meant to provide an opportunity for graduate students to find out more about the research conducted by the members of our own college and also for fellows to get to know the student-members of the MCR. After the talks a drinks reception and a joint MCR/SCR dinner are held in the Formal Hall. 

    • The Changing Health Seminar Series
      A biannual event that highlights research relevant and pertaining to the field of Physiology and Medicine. At the event an aspect of modern medicine is debated by two students and a fellow.

    • Film Nights:
      Film nights are held in the MCR a few times each term. A member of the MCR gives a talk relevant to a chosen film. Often this talk gives a new insight into a certain aspect and makes viewership all the more enjoyable.
    • Pregrad Hall Talk
      Most of us have attended Open Mikes. Being a member of the world of academia, the logical counterpart to the same is that of an Academic Open Mike.  Started by our Academic Officer Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar, this event is open to all members of the college MCR, to share with other members of the MCR and the college any article or research paper / pursuit they have been working on or have read in a certain journal and would like to present. We have had talks ranging from Renewable Energy for Research Centres in Antarctica to Paleontological Origins of Mythical Creatures.