Christ's College is a brilliant place to study. Its central location, stunning grounds and exemplary academic history make Christ's an extremely desirable college. Here are some of the things that we think makes being a postgraduate student at Christ's College an outstanding experience:

  • Location and ambiance
    Christ's is located in the heart of Cambridge and is set in picturesque grounds. Four courts and expansive Fellows' garden within the grounds provide a calming and inspiring location only steps away from the busiest and most enjoyable parts of town.
  • A diverse and thriving postgraduate community
    The MCR provides a full suite of events, both academic and social throughout all terms and holidays. The committee are responsible for organising and running these events. We pride ourselves on taking the wishes of our community to heart, so if there's something you'd like to do there's a good chance that we'll be able to fit it in our schedule.
  • College facilities
    Christ's is brilliantly appointed with a wide range of facilities and amenities. We have our own sports ground, shared with St Catherine's, college in the south of Cambridge. At the sports ground you will find football pitches, hockey pitches, lawn tennis courts and more. Within the grounds of the college we have a bar, music room and an outdoor swimming pool, accessible to students throughout summer.

    Christ's also has two libraries. The new library has a fantastic collection of relevant reference books and novels, while the old library houses a large collection of historically significant books including a first edition of the Origin of Species. Find out more about both libraries here.
  • Interaction with the Fellowship
    Christ's College ensures a strong bond between the Fellows and post-graduate students. Throughout each term there are a range of talks at which both Fellows and students present their research. Further interaction is made possible by several meals throughout the term in which Fellows sit with students. Each graduate is also invited to dine with the Fellows at least once in a more intimate setting away from the main hall. Additionally, each student is assigned a Fellow as a "graduate tutor". More information about this arrangement may be found on the Academic page.
  • Accommodation
    Christ's college guarantees accommodation until the end of the 3rd year of PhD study for post-graduate students new to Cambridge University (subject to having satisfied the entry conditions before the College's deadline in August). The college has a range of accommodation including centrally located flats and small apartments as well as options closer to West Cambridge site and the train station. In addition to the college accommodations, you can also check out the University Accommodations page. 
  • Funding Opportunities
    College provides several funding opportunities for students. These include the Hamied, Levy Plumb and Mountbatten awards. More details on these awards and other funding opportunities may be found here.

The college system explained

If you're applying to Cambridge for the first time you may need a bit more information about the college system. This video, produced by the University, may be of use. If you have any queries about Christ's MCR in particular please do not hesitate to contact us

How to apply to Christ's College MCR

Applying to Christ's is easy. Just make us your first choice on your GRADSAF application form when you're applying for your degree.